《复合知觉》设计邀请展 《COMPOUND PERCEPTION》 Design Exhibition




The Cross-Perception of Consciousness and Symbols

"Visual communication design as a powerful ways of communication and expression, its form of expression is not limited to information symbol graphics or dynamic pan-two-dimensional levels. More and more visual designers have driven their exploration into more diverse and conceptional fields, which including symbolic installation narration or use more open and multiple composite methods to convey comprehensive perception, such as image, symbol, digital algorithms and even sound and taste——that's the question exactly our exhibition "Composite Perception" is talking about, maybe we can really convey virtual consciousness in the future by a touching way."

The above is the core explanation of the exhibition by the curator (Mr. Yang Tao), it also offering an ample room for our exhibition visual deisgn imagination. We deliberatly confound the uniqueness of symbols, try the way to build up the overall design language through fragmented information to explore more possibilities.