adj. Design Office (A.D.D.O.) is a design studio based in Xiamen, China, specializing in graphic design and brand identity. We explore the possibilities of graphic design in different areas, focus on maximizing the power of design and simplify complexity to build the brand on a solid foundation with concept.A.D.D.O. provides design-centered creative and strategic services that include branding, visual identity & logotype, packaging, print design and user interface design.
A.D.D.O(adj. Design Office)是一间以品牌平面设计为主的设计事务所,地处厦门。我们研究平面设计在不同领域的应用,最大化设计在品牌中的作用,同时提倡简化不必要的设计,帮助客户在坚实的概念基础上建立品牌。A.D.D.O 提供以设计为核心的创意策略服务,包括品牌设计、视觉创意、产品包装、印刷设计、活动形象、交互设计等。

Founder:Stan Ro